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"Meet your destiny in high-throttle."

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Hit the throttle and accelerate through the the fantastic world of Stardrone. Blast into spiral twists and the topsy-turvy challenges of Andromeda in this high-octane thriller. Cause your attackers to crash with rapid speed while collecting gems and power-up enhancements. Soar through 50 levels of puzzle-solving, adrenaline-pumping action while eluding zillions of enemies. Overcome perilous hazards and you`ll reign supreme in Stardrone.
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  • High-speed Action thriller
  • Multiple power-ups
  • Blast off into Andromeda!


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System Requirements

OS: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
DirectX: 7.0
Processor: 800 Mhz
Memory: 256 MB
Harddisk space: 28 MB

Other Information

Release Date: 5/26/2008